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In Response to ‘Why Curation Is Important to the Future of Journalism’ by Josh Sternberg

After reading this article,  I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Sternberg’s that curation is a great aid to journalism and may help keep it breathing. Curators and news reporters seem to be in a similar category but the article makes a clear  distinction between the two.  The most important thing of course, is to relay news to viewers. At first, while reading this article, I was a bit confused what difference there really was between a curator and a news reporter. They both seemed to be responsible for getting important information to the public.

If my understanding is correct, an example of a curator could be a YouTube member, making videos discussing politics and the news. Although they are reporting information, they are not held to the same standards.  I enjoy getting information from the internet and YouTube is a great source for me.  One of my favorite vloggers (or video blogger) goes by the name of Phillip Defranco . He often reports on both local and world news. Although he does try to keep his information accurate, he is basically repeating what has been said in the news, giving background information to those less informed, as well as his own opinion on the subject.  After reading ‘Why Curation Is Important to the Future of Journalism’, YouTube users such as this one seem to fit the description perfectly.

Curators I feel, are a great asset to the news world. As the article states, they report on what they are passionate about. Watching a person speak on a topic which they are passionate about makes the topic itself more interesting for the viewers. We like to be told why this particular story matters and how it can affect us personally and as a group. Once again, although curators are not necessary held to the same standards as actual reporters, they are important tool for us to have. They put life back into the news. Vloggers like Phillip Defranco have sparked my interest in the news and becoming a more educated person about the world around me.


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