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News on the Internet

The internet is a great thing. Information on almost any topic is easily found within seconds of typing it into a browser. News sources utilize the internet to get stories out to the public more efficiently than with traditional Newspapers. Sites such as The Washington Post National give a wide range of stories to the public and make accessing stories simple.

Navigating internet news sites is a breeze for anyone with some experience on the internet. Important stories are listed in bold and users browse stories based on topics they find most interesting such as Natural Security and Health and Science. The internet is not as limited in space as  newspapers are. More stories are published in one spot. It is easier for users to comment on stories. Public opinion is an important aspect of the news because it ensures that multiple sides of a story are told.  Another positive aspect of web-based news is the search bar. Unlike a newspaper, the internet allows a user to type in a specific topic or headline they are interested in. Videos and audio clips are utilized to enhance the experience.

I get most of my news from online sources though I would not rely on it completely. Sites such as this one are important but can be distracting. The home page of The Washington Post is filled with different headlines and it’s difficult to know where to start. Also, if I’m using a web-based news source, I’m likely on other websites as well. Concentrating on a news story while checking Facebook prevents me from giving my full attention to what is happening. It is easier to miss important facts. Also, unless one has a Smartphone, electronic news on the go is out of the question.

As a member of the internet generation, I value news sites like The Washington Post. News is easy to get a hold of and stays up to date with stories as they are happening. Though the internet should not replace newspapers all together, it makes reading the news more enjoyable.


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  1. nicoleshoe

    Great post Megan. I agree on your point of having too many distractions when solely reading news on the internet…particularly those flashing ads!
    I also liked this point that you made: Public opinion is an important aspect of the news because it ensures that multiple sides of a story are told. I never thought of the fact that readers are becoming part of the story by commenting. Occasionally, reporters and editors may be able to get another story out of these comments, by seeing how popular or controversial a story is, allowing the paper to see what is more important to its readers.

    February 1, 2012 at 3:33 am

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