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Response to ‘Is Twitter for Everybody?’

In the article, ‘Is Twitter for Everybody?‘, the author writes why some people use Twitter while some choose not to. Twitter has become huge in the past few years and it’s an easy way to stay connected to friends, the news, and even celebrities. It’s easy to use and can help promote business or events, saving money on advertisement.

As a college student, I know many people who update their twitter accounts multiple times a day and even link it to their Facebook accounts so their status will appear on both websites. For me, Twitter is still new. I was never a ‘Twitter Hater’ but I didn’t see much point in using it. I originally created an account only because my friend kept insisting. I hardly posted anything. What could Twitter do that Facebook couldn’t do already?

For both my Writing for the Web class and my Media writing class, I’m assigned the task of creating a twitter and update it regularly. I’m following news sites and celebrities and I have noticed it’s easier to find celebrities through Twitter than Facebook.

It is understandable why companies use Twitter to post information. It is much simpler than Facebook or MySpace. Also the fact that so many people use Twitter makes it a good place to advertise.

Media sites are a great way to stay in touch with one another. It is unlikely that they’ll disappear anytime soon. Whether a Twitter account is needed for a successful business or not is up for debate. It’s clear that it is a popular mode of advertisement and can help get a company or story noticed quickly.

Now that I am starting to use Twitter more often, I can understand its appeal and will likely continue to use it after I finish my classes. It wont be a surprise to see more businesses utilize Twitter until the next social networking site comes around.


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  1. Glad to hear that the class has made you a Twitter convert 🙂
    This is very true: Whether a Twitter account is needed for a successful business or not is up for debate.
    Not every business can be successful via Twitter, simply because of the nature of the products they may be promoting.

    February 8, 2012 at 1:05 am

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