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Guest Speaker: Amy Moritz

Today in Writing for the Web, we had a guest speaker-Amy Mortiz. She is a sports reporter for the Buffalo News and gave the class her insight on how the internet has effected how we receive information.

Although i’m not a huge sports fan, Amy gave an  interesting lecture on the ways Twitter and other social sites influence the News.  The internet has become a popular way to share information with one another but it has some interesting challenges.  News on the internet is much faster than print. As a result, different sources want to be the first ones to get out the top stories. This can lead to hasty publications before all the facts are confirmed. (Like when Joe Paterno was reported as dead on Twitter). Obviously this is a huge problem for any legitimate News site.  Accuracy and speed are the two most important qualities in reporting.

Amy also talked about her own experiences of using Twitter and blogs during sports games. A lot of pre-planning is required and reporters usually have to start writing articles during the games to meet deadlines. News reporting is a fast-paced industry and is getting even more so thanks to the internet. Twitter makes this easier. Also, Twitter allows for fans  athletes or even celebrities to stay connected to one another. Personally, I would find a sport much more interesting if the athletes seemed to care about their fans and the support they give.

Unfortunately, because social media sites are free and easy to access, this leaves news papers in a tough position. Amy discussed how the Buffalo News was forced to downsize in order to save money. the News is evolving and reporting the News is a business so reporters must find a way to adapt to this change and continue to make a profit.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed  the discussion given by Amy Moritz and the knowledge that she brought with her. It’s easy to overlook what it takes to deliver the News but it is no doubt, an important job in our society.


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  1. nicoleshoe

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed Amy’s speech and learned some new things about the news business!

    February 18, 2012 at 3:59 am

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