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Guest Speaker: S.J. Velasquez

Yesterday our second guest speaker (S.J. Velasquez) came to talk about the website she works for Buffalo.com as a multimedia contact coordinator. She has been a freelance reporter since 2007. I found her speech to be very entertaining. She was laid back and relaxed, and I could tell that she loved her job. She introduced websites to us and told us how she got to where she is today.

After graduating from College, Velasquez moved to New York City to get involved in Journalism.   In college, she studied communication and religious studies. She noted that it is important to know a little bit of everything in Journalism. Her background in religious studies and Irish dancing gave her more range as a writer.

It is easy to see how much S.J. Velasquez loves working for Buffalo.com. As she described it, it is a friendly, enthusiastic ‘college-type’ website. It doesn’t take things as seriously as the typical News and they try to have fun with it. She taught our class some important lessons as well such as:

  • Lists are good!
  • Anonymous  comments on blogs are the worst
  • Don’t use photos without permission, credit sources with links
  • Web writing is interactive-Go crazy!

One of the most interesting things our speaker told us was her project ‘Hungry Hungry Buffaloes’. She even had us watch a clip from a soup eating contest in which her colleague participated in and let’s just say, it was not a video for the queasy. She noted that although something like this might not necessarily go on Buffalo.com, she also has a Face Book page for content.

by doing this, it  allows her to have content on multiple platforms which is a great way to promote her business more.  It’s all about being visable.  Velasquez introduced be to the term SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. By including certain key words on your page, it makes it more likely to pop up in a search engine. It’s important to think about what the audience might search for, to think like them. Interaction with one’s audience is also important.

Lastly, one of my favorite things that S.J. Velasquez introduced to us was Buzzfeed.com. This site could keep me entertained for ours. Basically, it is a collection of stories that are predicted to go viral on the rest of the internet. It’s the big stories before you read about them on Face Book or Twitter.  Buffalo.com will search this site to see if there is anything Buffalo related and make the link available to their audience.

S.J Velasquez gave an informative and entertaining speech. Her job seems like a blast and almost made me wish I was going to school for communications studies. I suppose that’s how you know she really does love her job.


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  1. nicoleshoe

    Glad you enjoyed SJ! And remember, just because you go to school for one thing, doesn’t mean you can’t change it up afterward!

    February 27, 2012 at 2:30 am

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