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Kate Wolcott-Synacor

Today our class speaker discussed Synacor, a company in Buffalo that give users a new way to watch TV from their computer. Synacor is known as a ‘white label’ company. This means that employees like Kate are hired to promote other businesses like Time Warner Cable or Verizon. Unlike many companies, Synacor doesn’t try to promote itself. It provides services to these companies so more users will flock to them.

There are a lot of things to consider when promoting a business. First, what’s the demographic? Ads must be concise and clear because you have a very short amount of time to catch people’s attention. Also, consider what you want your ad to do. Do you want your customers to do something? Making sure to include a ‘call to action’ aspect is crucial in promotions.

One topic Kate discussed was “TV Everywhere”. For subscribed users, they can watch unlimited TV on their computer, IPad or phone just like if they were at home. Because it is getting easier to watch TV online, cable companies are losing subscribers. This is one way in which Verizon and Time Warner Cable try keep them.

Kate studied Philosophy and pre-law while in college but quickly discovered it wasn’t for her. In Graduate school she decided to get into marketing. Writing became a huge part of her job and it was her talent as a writer that got her to where she is today. She discussed how writing for the web is an important skill to have. Even in a bad economy, her company knew she was a valuable asset.

Kate was openly passionate about her job. Although not many people know what Synacor is, many do use the services Kate and her colleagues promote. Her job has allowed her to be creative (although there are guidelines to follow) and create products that will interest customers.

In her spare time, Kate also manages a freelance business. Graduate school, in her opinion, was a great experience. Although she ended up in a completely different field than she studied for in college, it gave her new and exciting experiences. 


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