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Amy Winehouse coroner qualifications questioned

Coroner, residing over Amy Winehouse’s death, resigns after qualifications are questioned. New investigations into Winehouse’s death held as relatives look into legal advice.

October–  Susan Greenway, assistant deputy coroner in London, announces Winehouse’s death in July  a result of accidental alcohol poisoning.

November– Appointed by  Husband, Andrew Reid in 2009, authorities find Greenway not a registered U.K. lawyer for five years as law requires but practiced law for a decade in Australia.

Her official resignation made  public Wednesday

Reid: “I believed at the time that her experience as a solicitor and barrister in Australia satisfied the requirements of the post,”

Reid broke no laws  appointing  wife but possibly breached professional guidelines. Local authority Camden Council states Reid made an error in good faith appointing his wife. Britain’s Office for Judicial Complaints continue their investigation in the matter. Greenway oversaw 12 inquests where Winehouse lived. Reid says he’s confident all inquests were done correctly.  

Relatives now attempt to decide on future actions. They may question verdict in court, invalidating the inquests. 

Winehouse’s father tweets:

 “Don’t worry about coroner nonsense. We are all OK.”

Winehouse, 27,  found dead on July 27th is remembered for her unique and soulful voice as well as her battle with alcohol and drug addiction. At the October inquest, Greenway rules death as “death by misadventure,” from drinking after weeks of abstinence. Winehouse’s security guard,  who found three empty vodka bottles at the scene, her doctor and a pathologist say another inquest is unlikely to change results.

“Back to Black” brought Winehouse global fame, updating old-time soul, jazz, rock and doo-wop earning five Grammy Awards. Winehouse  turned to her tumultuous life and personal demons for material, resulting in hit songs such as “Rehab” and “Love Is a Losing Game.”



Response to ‘Is Twitter for Everybody?’

In the article, ‘Is Twitter for Everybody?‘, the author writes why some people use Twitter while some choose not to. Twitter has become huge in the past few years and it’s an easy way to stay connected to friends, the news, and even celebrities. It’s easy to use and can help promote business or events, saving money on advertisement.

As a college student, I know many people who update their twitter accounts multiple times a day and even link it to their Facebook accounts so their status will appear on both websites. For me, Twitter is still new. I was never a ‘Twitter Hater’ but I didn’t see much point in using it. I originally created an account only because my friend kept insisting. I hardly posted anything. What could Twitter do that Facebook couldn’t do already?

For both my Writing for the Web class and my Media writing class, I’m assigned the task of creating a twitter and update it regularly. I’m following news sites and celebrities and I have noticed it’s easier to find celebrities through Twitter than Facebook.

It is understandable why companies use Twitter to post information. It is much simpler than Facebook or MySpace. Also the fact that so many people use Twitter makes it a good place to advertise.

Media sites are a great way to stay in touch with one another. It is unlikely that they’ll disappear anytime soon. Whether a Twitter account is needed for a successful business or not is up for debate. It’s clear that it is a popular mode of advertisement and can help get a company or story noticed quickly.

Now that I am starting to use Twitter more often, I can understand its appeal and will likely continue to use it after I finish my classes. It wont be a surprise to see more businesses utilize Twitter until the next social networking site comes around.

News article written for the web

The Buffalo News: Marijuana-based drug to treat cancer pain is pushed for FDA approval by Lisa Leff

Cannabis derived medication is soon to be found on pharmacy shelves according to drug companies, biotech firms and university scientists. British company GW Pharma developed the world’s first pharmaceutical made from raw marijuana rather than synthetics.

Created into a mouth spray for cancer patients, it is hoped to have FDA approval by 2013. The medicine contains THC and cannabidiol and has been approved in Canada, New Zealand and 8 European countries. FDA approval represents an important milestone in the nation’s relationship with marijuana.

Sixteen states already allow the use of medical marijuana but the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration says pot is dangerous and has no medical value though chemically similar prescription drugs increase the pressure on the federal government to revisit their position.

The FDA approved two capsules in 1985 contain synthetic THC, Marinol and Cesamet to help chemotherapy in cancer patients. The agency allowed prescriptions of Marinol which stimulates appetite in AIDS patients but the patent expired as of last year. US companies are developing products to use as pills, creams and skin patches.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is sponsoring a study by a University of California-Davis neurologist to determine how effective marijuana is in treating painful muscle spasms compared to Marinol.

“The cannabinoids and marijuana will, eventually, likely be part of the clinician’s armamentarium, if they are shown to be clinically beneficial. The big unknown in my mind is whether they are clearly beneficial.” -Timothy Coetzee (the Society’s chief research officer)


News on the Internet

The internet is a great thing. Information on almost any topic is easily found within seconds of typing it into a browser. News sources utilize the internet to get stories out to the public more efficiently than with traditional Newspapers. Sites such as The Washington Post National give a wide range of stories to the public and make accessing stories simple.

Navigating internet news sites is a breeze for anyone with some experience on the internet. Important stories are listed in bold and users browse stories based on topics they find most interesting such as Natural Security and Health and Science. The internet is not as limited in space as  newspapers are. More stories are published in one spot. It is easier for users to comment on stories. Public opinion is an important aspect of the news because it ensures that multiple sides of a story are told.  Another positive aspect of web-based news is the search bar. Unlike a newspaper, the internet allows a user to type in a specific topic or headline they are interested in. Videos and audio clips are utilized to enhance the experience.

I get most of my news from online sources though I would not rely on it completely. Sites such as this one are important but can be distracting. The home page of The Washington Post is filled with different headlines and it’s difficult to know where to start. Also, if I’m using a web-based news source, I’m likely on other websites as well. Concentrating on a news story while checking Facebook prevents me from giving my full attention to what is happening. It is easier to miss important facts. Also, unless one has a Smartphone, electronic news on the go is out of the question.

As a member of the internet generation, I value news sites like The Washington Post. News is easy to get a hold of and stays up to date with stories as they are happening. Though the internet should not replace newspapers all together, it makes reading the news more enjoyable.

In Response to ‘Why Curation Is Important to the Future of Journalism’ by Josh Sternberg

After reading this article,  I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Sternberg’s that curation is a great aid to journalism and may help keep it breathing. Curators and news reporters seem to be in a similar category but the article makes a clear  distinction between the two.  The most important thing of course, is to relay news to viewers. At first, while reading this article, I was a bit confused what difference there really was between a curator and a news reporter. They both seemed to be responsible for getting important information to the public.

If my understanding is correct, an example of a curator could be a YouTube member, making videos discussing politics and the news. Although they are reporting information, they are not held to the same standards.  I enjoy getting information from the internet and YouTube is a great source for me.  One of my favorite vloggers (or video blogger) goes by the name of Phillip Defranco . He often reports on both local and world news. Although he does try to keep his information accurate, he is basically repeating what has been said in the news, giving background information to those less informed, as well as his own opinion on the subject.  After reading ‘Why Curation Is Important to the Future of Journalism’, YouTube users such as this one seem to fit the description perfectly.

Curators I feel, are a great asset to the news world. As the article states, they report on what they are passionate about. Watching a person speak on a topic which they are passionate about makes the topic itself more interesting for the viewers. We like to be told why this particular story matters and how it can affect us personally and as a group. Once again, although curators are not necessary held to the same standards as actual reporters, they are important tool for us to have. They put life back into the news. Vloggers like Phillip Defranco have sparked my interest in the news and becoming a more educated person about the world around me.

An Introduction to Writing for the Web

Although I am majoring in psychology at Niagara University, I have always enjoyed writing and expressing myself, using my creativity to create things I can be proud of.

I have never taken a class like this before and in our computer based culture, I figured it would be a great decision. I am taking a step outside and taking a class which i know little about.

From the first two days I’m sure that I will become better educated on technology as well as news and politics. I look forward to what this class has in store for me.

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